Increasing Youth Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Information

Adolescent adviser Tinnah Onions at the CCPF Hotline.

Adolescent Advisors

As adolescent advisors, Tinnah and Justin make sure that the youth perspective is considered and incorporated at all levels of project development and implementation.


Looking forward, Tinnah is excited about continuing to spread the word about CCPF to adolescents. She hopes more adolescents are able to access the information they need. In the conversations she has already had with adolescents, she has heard that many are very excited that for free, they can talk openly about issues concerning sexual and reproductive health without being face-to-face with the health provider. Justin hopes to emphasize the privacy that CCPF offers and draw more adolescent callers to the service, who will not only receive the SRH information that they need, but will also receive guidance to communicate about their SRH needs to their partners, parents and friends.

Youth use CCPF for Adolescents.



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